focus streams.

The areas where we're backing winning startups.

focus streams


The real estate sector is at a critical crossroads, where technology is now relevant more than ever. The organisations that can adapt to these changes will emerge as the winners.

Our platform allows you to understand these changes, meet the thought leaders, find strategic partners and secure new customers all around the topic of Digital Transformation in real estate.

Plus Eight PropTech teams will have access to industry leaders in the property industry, including the key supporters of the accelerator program, including Hawaiian and Vukelic Group.


The agriculture sector is undergoing a major transformation. Technology has surged into agriculture, replacing traditional practices, challenging long-held assumptions and refreshing our understanding of what defines farming. Automation, high-speed communication, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, big data, interconnected machinery, and cloud analytics offer previously unachievable leaps in agricultural processes. Technology enables improved productivity, quality and yield and information that enables farmers to make better decisions.and an opportunity for the economic benefits of technology to bring prosperity to rural communities.

The Plus Eight AgTech startups will be housed in Spacecubed’s purpose-built AgTech Hub, working with industry leaders, farming cooperatives and government agencies to enable faster growth and better technology integration into established agriculture techniques.

Digital Health

Spacecubed, in partnership with South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS), ran the PlusEight Health Hack, the first Digital Health Hackathon in WA in Nov 2017. The Hackathon brought together healthcare professionals, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, academics and aspiring WA innovators to work collaboratively on creative solutions to public health challenges.  

Sustainable and advancing health system is our number one priority and the key is innovation. Through interdisciplinary collaboration the Plus Eight Health accelerator has the potential to drive novel solutions linking with exciting technology.

Aimed to foster a culture of innovation at the state's hospital network and support Western Australia’s next digital health innovators, Plus Eight Health startups will have access to some of the great clinical and innovative minds in the health sector.

Social Impact

Spacecubed’s vision is to support 20,000 entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers by 2025. Our programs and events are driven by our desire to move people from ideas to action seamlessly. Spacecubed helps the community in tackling some of the big social, environmental and economic challenges of our time and works on long term systemic changes to build a robust startup ecosystem.

Plus Eight 2018 has a focus stream to enable startups working on business models that create a positive impact in any of the areas that are included in the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Plus Eight 2018 Social Impact startups will have access to experts in the social impact sector and will be part of a collaborative effort to create impact with an entrepreneurial mindset.