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Local ideas.
Global impact.

World-class programs for Australian entrepreneurs, change-makers and innovators, designed to help you become a great founder and bring your startup ideas to life.

Plus Eight is Australia's home for ground-breaking ideas.

Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned founder, it's our mission to support business leaders to deliver on their ground-breaking ideas. With the support of Plus Eight, you can access everything you need to get started, build your business or scale-up.

Discover Our Startups
We invest in founders, ideas and teams with traction

Australia's largest seed-funded accelerator program

More than just your average accelerator program, Plus Eight combines structured programs with world-class mentoring, growth networks and seed funding, creating the perfect home for entrepreneurs. From seed to later stage companies, this program is perfect for companies that have validated their product and have proof of demand.

Unlock your potential growth with a fully-funded, world-class program, seed-funding, coworking and community, mentorship and more.
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Plus Eight by the numbers

Our results speak for themselves




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Programs that are perfect for early-stage founders

Plus Eight Academy

One Day Founder Bootcamp

Our one day bootcamp is for those looking to make the entrepreneurial leap and rapidly develop the capabilities needed to build a  startup business.

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Impact Scholarship

If you have an early-stage startup or business idea and are not sure how to get started, apply today for our Plus Eight Impact Scholarship to access in-person support networks.

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Pre-Accelerator Program

Plus Eight Sprint is our 6 week, pre-accelerator program designed for early-stage entrepreneurs and teams to get their business ready for growth.

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Scale Up Events

Plus Eight brings innovative individuals from across the world to our community for a range of events, mentoring and workshop sessions.

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Positioned at the forefront of Australia's entrepreneurial revolution

Our Plus Eight Partner Network

Plus Eight Partners are committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, and through their support. we're able to create a bustling network of entrepreneurs, change-makers and innovators across Australia.

Our story

About Plus Eight

We believe that Australia has the right ingredients to be a world-leading innovation and startup centre.

Plus Eight was launched in 2016 by WA's leading technology hub, Spacecubed, as a seed-funded accelerator program helping local startups go global. To increase the pipeline of support, we launched Plus Eight Academy, including a pre-accelerator program, one day bootcamp and scale-up events.
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