Leap Founder Bootcamp

Perfect for idea-stage founders

Have you got the skills to be a great startup founder?

Plus Eight Leap is a founder bootcamp for those looking to make the entrepreneurial leap and rapidly develop the capabilities needed to build a successful startup business. Over the course of the full-day weekend workshop, you'll be challenged by leading startup mentors and be given the support to test, develop and validate  your startup idea and grow your skills as a great founder.

bootcamp inclusions

The skills to help your startup succeed.

Plus Eight Leap is all about outcomes and impact.

Everything we cover will help you grow as a founder and arm you with the knowledge to develop your startup idea. At the end of the day you'll have:

A plan to validate your business model

The tools and frameworks to identify your business model and validate your idea with your customers.

A strategy to  launch and grow   your idea

The best approaches straight from the Valley on how to find your first customers and grow your business.

The right founder mindset

We'll cover leading philosophy and approaches that will give you the right mindset ready to make your startup team succeed.

The inspiration to grow

You'll walk away inspired, motivated and ready to share your big idea with the world.

Everyone is welcome at Leap.

Plus Eight Leap is perfect for first-time founders or seasoned entrepreneurs looking to brush up on their startup skills.

As the program is about helping you grow your startup, we recommend coming with an existing startup idea that you're wanting to work on throughout the day.

The startup idea can be an existing business, or something that you have thought about but haven't worked on yet.

We draw on the best modern startup approaches.

We draw on the very best contemporary approaches to build sustainable technology businesses, straight from the innovation capitals of the world.

Google Design sprint

Developing by Google, design sprints is a proven model to test, iterate and improve your product in collaboration with your customers.

Lean Startup

The foundation for many modern startups approaches, the Lean Startup is a critical part of any founder's toolkit.

Design thinking

Developed by Stanford and used by many of the worlds biggest brands, design thinking is an approach to developing products that your customers with love.

core program

Startup in a day.

In just a few hours you go through a whirlwind process answering the key questions needed to develop your idea into a startup success. Leap provides all the important stuff, including coffee, Wifi, lunch and celebratory refreshments at the end of the day.


What's covered

Welcome and introductions

  • Get to know other founders in the Leap program and the ideas they're working.
  • A fun ice-breaker

How to develop a winning business model.

  • Using the Lean Canvas to capture, improve and refine your business model.
  • Leveraging design thinking philosophies to craft a winning value proposition.

How to test and validate your idea.

  • Implementing modern research practices to test, validate and gather customer insight about your business model.
  • Planning for prototypes and your Minimum Loveable Product.

How to find your first customers.

  • Deeply understanding the needs, goals and motivations of your customers using principles taken from Service Design.
  • Developing a multi-channel marketing strategy and tapping into growth marketing tactics to implement a sustainable marketing machine.

The Catalyst Crunch: 60-second pitches.

  • Each Founder presents their 60 second 'Elevator Pitch' to a panel of mentors.

Wrap-up and celebration.

  • Program concludes. Participants are invited to celebrate with some light refreshments.
The question we constantly ask ourselves is "would we be where we are now had we not done Plus Eight?" The answer is a resounding no. 

Plus Eight has enabled us to not only expedite our growth but the way we think about product development and our go to market strategy.

- Dave Newman, Founder and CEO @ Ovass
Plus Eight Accelerator Alumni