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Inspire your local community with our programs.

We're uniquely positioned to arm WA's entrepreneurs with the skills needed to bridge the gap between innovation and growth.

Our team has worked alongside some of the biggest organisations in the startup, private and government sectors to deliver our high-value programs. By partnering with the ecosystem champions, we are able to  support projects from early inception to high growth startups. 

Inspire young entrepreneurs and students for the future of work by incorporating one of our Plus Eight Programs into the education system.

Case Study
The Plus Eight team worked alongside St Stephens to deliver a Student Entrepreneurship and Business Day. This full day event involved educational, business-focussed, hands-on, practical, and fun activities that explored the 4C’s of the 21st Century Skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Build flourishing innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems by delivering world-class programs to local communities and offering support to local talent.

Case Study
Collaborating with the City of Canning, we delivered our pre-accelerator program, Plus Eight Sprint, to support founders within the small business community. Ran over 6 weeks, this program was able to target likeminded individuals and grow their skills on a weekly basis.

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Accelerate innovation by engaging with startups, fast-tracking internal ideas and upskilling your employees.

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