About Plus Eight

Who we are and what we're about.

We're on a mission to support early-stage Australian entrepreneurs and startups.

We believe it takes an entire village to build a sustainable innovation and startup ecosystem. Plus Eight is proud to be a community-driven collaboration between a number of leading startup advocates, partner organisations and funding partners.

Launched in 2016 by WA's leading technology hub, Spacecubed, as a seed-funded accelerator program helping local startups go global with over $2M invested through the program, $16M in follow-on investments and a $106M latest portfolio valuation.

In 2018 the Plus Eight expanded on the success of the Accelerator program by launching the Plus Eight Academy, a series of world-class entrepreneur education offerings helping early stage founders and startups succeed through featuring the best local and international mentors.

Over sixty percent of the world’s population lives within two hours of Perth’s GMT Plus Eight-time zone, a major competitive advantage for local business. We believe access to these fast-growing global markets is a competitive advantage for WA startups and aim to help foster collaboration between Australian founders and our neighbours to the north.


Derek Gerrard

Entrepreneur in Residence

Kylie Gerrard

Program Lead

Shanille Gundry

Program Coordinator


Coworking and innovation hub

Spacecubed is Western Australia's leading innovation and start hub comprising multiple co-working and community spaces throughout Perth.

Our purpose is to influence positive change through the community. Our vision is to empower and connect 100,000 businesses and changemakers by 2025. We are a community of change-driven people, passionate about collaboration, in an environment fostering creativity and engagement for our members.