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Scale-Up Events

Get a knowledge boost from world-renowned experts

Bringing innovative individuals from across the world to our community

Boosted is an exclusive opportunity to get a knowledge boost directly from the world’s most renowned and successful business experts. Hear their stories, take away valuable insights and tricks of the trade to help your business grow and succeed in the global economy.

A series to help your
business succeed

Introducing the Boosted Series, designed for business founders, product leaders, and scaling teams.

Fire-side Discussion

Joining our guest speaker, our Entrepreneur in Residence sits alongside them for a fire-side chat, giving you the deep information that your business needs.

Industry Workshops

Discuss international trends and unlock local potential for your specific industry during a hands-on workshop with our guest speaker, assisting you to scale your business where needed.

Investor Panel

Enjoy exclusive access to insights and high-level discussions from leading investors across the world, as we bring to you a selective panel perfect for those looking to invest.

1 on 1 Mentoring

If you have specific challenges or hurdles in your business, receive access to personalised advice through 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with our guest speaker.

Previous Guest Speakers

Michael Masterson
As the Managing Director at EverEdge, Michael Masterson has extensive knowledge in raising capital as a startup, the true value of intangible assets, and how business owners can capture the real value of their business.

Shana Dressler
As the Former Executive Director of Google’s 30 Weeks, co-founder of the NYC Innovation Collective and CEO of Turquoise Consulting, Shana Dressler has dedicated her career to empowering creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and social change leaders to launch businesses and projects, build hardware and software products and create impact at scale.

Adrian Cockcroft
VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, previously working at Netflix and eBay, Adrian is passionate about working closely with customers to study their use and creation of open source projects, and will continue to engage with developers and executives via conferences and summits around the world.

Tim Polmear
As a leading e-commerce expert and marketing strategist, Tim has founded a range of successful startups including Flat Tummy Co, Sneaky Vaunt and Queen Pegasus, which have gone on to be endorsed by world-renowned celebrities.

Phill Claxton
Formerly COO of IT Glue headquartered in Vancouver, Phill is an expert in product development for SaaS startups and was responsible for driving IT Glue's global customer base from 700 to over 2000 businesses, a 400% increase. It is now used by over 30,000 IT professionals worldwide.

Eric S. Kuhn
Co-founder of Finch, secialises in early stage Mobile Product Management, Rapid New Product Development, and Scaling Mobile Businesses, Eric is a seasoned product executive whose apps have garnered over 15 Million installs, two of which rank in the top 50 overall.

Viki Forrest
Viki Forrest is an innovative Australian business leader working in the world’s tech epicenter brings extensive experience from her time in Silicon Valley and beyond to the role of Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for North America.

Colette Nataf
Colette is the CEO and founder of Lightning AI, where she is bringing advanced algorithms into the world of marketing. She is here to help think through different marketing strategies, examine funnel metrics and grow businesses.