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Accelerator Program

A six month program with seed-funding, international immersions, world-class mentorship and business connections to help you scale your business.

We invest in founders, ideas and teams with traction

We're Australia's largest seed-funded accelerator program

Applications for our 2024 Accelerator Program are now closed.

Want to be the first to know when applications open for our 2025 program? Express your interest via the form below.

Seed Funding

Access to a seed-funding pool on a convertible SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) note.  Attractive terms for both early and late stage startups.

Mentor Network

As well as Spacecubed's extensive network, you will be connected with alumni, mentors, and global partner network across Silicon Valley, Australia, and into Asia.

Going Global

A core component of the program is taking our startups global and creating access points bigger markets through an international immersion experience.

Coworking Space

Enjoy access to up to 6 months of acceleration support and purpose built space for you and your team in the heart of the CBD.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and innovative startup community

A six month program to supercharge your startup

We are looking for ambitious founders, working as part of a balanced team to solve global problems they are passionate about, with high potential to scale.

We do not have an industry bias, however we are especially excited about seed to series-A startups tackling global challenges in the following areas: Digital Health, Agtech, Proptech, Social Impact. As long as it’s ambitious and solving a big problem - we want to hear from you!
Discover the fundamentals of building a strong startup

A phased approach to building your startup

Our accelerator program is split into three phases, beginning with a rigorous weekend bootcamp and on the spot feedback from facilitators and mentors. Following the weekend, only the strongest founders are selected to continue into Phase One, which includes nine weeks filled with Entrepreneur in Residence sessions, masterclasses with industry experts, 1 on 1 mentoring and more.

Founders then pitch for their place in Phase Two, where a final 6-12 startups will be chosen to continue and access a pool of seed-funding. Phase Two includes an international immersion and final Demo Night.
Discover international markets and reach global scale

An international immersion experience

As part of Phase Two, we take founders on an international trip, helping them be inspired, connected and immersed into a new market. We believe access to new, fast-growing global markets is a competitive advantage for Australian startups. Our program helps foster collaboration between Australian founders and our neighbours to the north.

Previous international immersion trips have included San Francisco, Singapore and London.

Meet our Alumni

Positioned at the forefront of Australia's entrepreneurial revolution

Our Plus Eight Partner Network

Plus Eight Partners are committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, and through their support. we're able to create a bustling network of entrepreneurs, change-makers and innovators across Australia.

Looking for a program suited to more early-stage founders?

Plus Eight Academy

One Day Founder Bootcamp

Our one day bootcamp is for those looking to make the entrepreneurial leap and rapidly develop the capabilities needed to build a  startup business.

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Impact Scholarship

If you have an early-stage startup or business idea and are not sure how to get started, apply today for our Plus Eight Impact Scholarship to access in-person support networks.

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Pre-Accelerator Program

Plus Eight Sprint is our 6 week, pre-accelerator program designed for early-stage entrepreneurs and teams to get their business ready for growth.

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Scale Up Events

Plus Eight brings innovative individuals from across the world to our community for a range of events, mentoring and workshop sessions.

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