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Plus Eight Academy Open for Applications

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Sprint Pre-Accelerator

Designed for early-stage entrepreneurs and teams

We help get your startup ready for growth.

Plus Eight Sprint is a 6-week pre-accelerator program run out Australia's leading technology and innovation hub, Spacecubed. It connects you with a community of successful mentors, investors and advisors to help you take your startup idea to the next level, and provides the content and environment needed to grow your skills as a founder.

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What to expect?

The Plus Eight Sprint program provides you with the connections and support to turn your early-stage startup into a sustainable business.

Structured Program

Enjoy access to weekly projects to push your business forward, facilitated workshops to explore a focus topic, peer-to-peer checkins and practical assignments

Coworking Community

Access to a community of 800+ members, and all the perks of being a Spacecubed member are included in the program

Growth Network

Access expert presentations to draw on real life examples, 1:1 mentoring sessions to provide practical takeaways and an international alumni support network

The chance to pitch for a Golden  Ticket into the accelerator program

Each cohort gets two invitations to an exclusive pitch night, where two people will walk away with a golden ticket and entry into phase one of the Perth accelerator program.

At the end of the program, engage in a celebration night where you can present your ideas and development to our network in a pitching competition.

The best two pitches will win the chance to be fast tracked into the acceleration program.

Perfect for early-stage startups looking to grow.

Plus Eight Sprint is designed for founders and startups who have an existing idea or business that they want to take to the next level.

Whether you are pre-revenue, have existing funding or if you're just starting out, Plus Eight Sprint will help grow both your business and your skills as a founder.

We accept solo founders seeking a team and startup teams that are already formed.

The best, modern startup approaches.

We draw on the very best contemporary approaches to build sustainable technology businesses, straight from the innovation capitals of the world.

Google design sprint

Developed by Google, design sprints is a proven model to test, iterate and improve your product in collaboration with your customers.

Lean Startup

The foundation for many modern startups approaches, the Lean Startup is a critical part of any founder's toolkit.

Design thinking

Developed by Stanford and used by many of the worlds biggest brands, design thinking is an approach to developing products that your customers with love.

core program

The best 6 weeks you've ever invested in.


What you'll work on

How to build an enduring business

Business model development

  • Articulating your business model and how to make it sustainable
  • Developing your unique value proposition
  • Understanding the competitor landscape and how you plan on competing

How to make a product your customers will love

Validation and customer testing

  • Using design thinking to deeply understand your customers needs, goals and motivations
  • Undertaking research to develop key insights on what will make customers love your product

How to turn your idea into a reality

Product & prototyping

  • Defining design sprints to test your product proposition
  • Making your Minimum Lovable Product
  • Determining the right approach for developing your product

How to make your startup into a rocketship

Growth & marketing

  • Finding your first customer and building a loyal customer base
  • Understanding pirate metrics and defining your growth marketing strategies
  • Selecting your digital marketing toolkit

How to stay sane while changing the world

Team, mindset & legal

  • Structuring your team and advisors
  • Understanding company incorporation and shareholder agreements
  • Maintaining the right founder mindset
  • Ensuring you cross your t's and dot your i's (legal and IP)

How to keep going up and to the right

Fundraising & pitching

  • Selecting the right fundraising approach, timing and strategy
  • Developing your pitch ready to share your startup with the world
The question we constantly ask ourselves is "would we be where we are now had we not done Plus Eight?" The answer is a resounding no. 

Plus Eight has enabled us to not only expedite our growth but the way we think about product development and our go to market strategy.

- Ravi Nichani, Director and Co-Founder @ Ovass
Plus Eight Accelerator Alumni