City of Joondalup
Plus Eight Sprint

A 6 week business growth program for residents in the City of Joondalup.

Ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs

The City of Joondalup Plus Eight Sprint is a six-week skill-building and business growth program. It is exclusive and free for businesses owned or operated in the City of Joondalup or for City of Joondalup residents. It connects you with a community of successful mentors, investors and advisors  to help you take your business idea to the next level and provides the content and environment to grow your skills.

Perfect for businesses looking to grow.

Plus Eight Sprint is designed for businesses who have an idea, or project they want to gain traction, generate revenue and get on track to scale.

If you have an idea or a project concept, Plus Eight Sprint will help grow both your business and your skills as a business owner.

We accept solo business owners, and teams that are already formed to apply for this pre-accelerator program.

The support to help your business succeed.

Plus Eight is a tailored made program for new business owners, meaning that it's all action and no fluff. We followed four values when designing  a world-class Plus Eight Sprint experience.

This program supports you with the skills and action plan to achieve your vision.


We've sourced the most experienced business mentors, investors and advisors to guide you throughout Sprint. Each week new mentors will share their experience and wisdom, giving you the opportunity to learn from those that have been there and done it.

Actionable Content

Everything we cover through Plus Eight Sprint can be directly applied to your business and will have a noticeable, positive impact regardless of where you are at in your journey.

Peer-based learning

We believe some of the best opportunities to grow as a new business is by learning from other businesses going through a similar journey. Sprint provides lots of opportunities to connect and learn from other new businesses going through the program, and emphasises peer-based feedback and reflection.

Community & connection

It takes an entire village to raise a business. We believe being part of a strong community of like-minded business owners and advisors makes you a stronger entrepreneur and gives you the environment for your business to succeed.

Challenge yourself and your business.

Each Sprint session is divided into three sections: mentor presentations; working on your business; and weekly project reviews.

1. Expert presentations from experienced mentors

Our experienced panel of mentors draw on real life examples and provide practical takeaways that you can apply to your business through a workshop-style, interactive presentation that focuses on a new business skill area for that week.

2. Application of the content to your business

The majority of each Sprint session is spent working on your business around the weekly focus area with the support of mentors and other business owners. This includes hands-on activities and is a great opportunity to get feedback, learn from others and immediately apply the lessons to your idea.

3. Weekly projects to help push your business forward

Each week, you will be given a specific project to work on before the next Sprint session. These are always practical and aim to give your business a step-change improvement. At the start of each Sprint session, business owners share their progress and get feedback on the previous week's project work.

The best, modern business approaches.

We draw on the very best contemporary approaches to build sustainable technology businesses, straight from the innovation capitals of the world.

Google design sprint

Developed by Google, design sprints is a proven model to test, iterate and improve your product in collaboration with your customers.

Lean Startup

The foundation for many modern startup approaches, the Lean Startup is a critical part of any new businesses toolkit.

Design thinking

Developed by Stanford and used by many of the worlds biggest brands, design thinking is an approach to developing products that your customers will love.


The best 6-weeks you've ever invested in.

Over the 6-week Sprint program you will have the opportunity to focus on your business through a practical curriculum of topics critical to any successful new business . By the end of the program you'll have a stronger business and be a stronger business owner.


What you'll work on

Week 1 -

How to build an enduring business

Business model development

  • Articulating your business model and how to make it sustainable
  • Developing your unique value proposition
  • Understanding the competitor landscape and how you plan on competing

Week 2 -

How to make a product your customers will love

Validation and customer testing

  • Using design thinking to deeply understand your customers needs, goals and motivations
  • Undertaking research to develop key insights on what will make customers love your product

Week 3 -

How to turn your idea into a reality

Product & prototyping

  • Defining design sprints to test your product proposition
  • Making your Minimum Lovable Product
  • Determining the right approach for developing your product

Week 4 -

How to make your business into a rocketship

Growth & marketing

  • Finding your first customer and building a loyal customer base
  • Understanding pirate metrics and defining your growth marketing strategies
  • Selecting your digital marketing toolkit

Week 5 -

How to stay sane while changing the world

Team, mindset & legal

  • Structuring your team and advisors
  • Understanding company incorporation and shareholder agreements
  • Maintaining the right new business mindset
  • Ensuring you cross your t's and dot your i's (legal and IP)

Week 6 -

How to keep going up and to the right

Fundraising & pitching

  • Selecting the right fundraising approach, timing and strategy
  • Developing your pitch ready to share your business with the world

celebration evening

From family members, to industry professionals, this is a chance for you to showcase your business and what you've been working on and where you're going.

The question we constantly ask ourselves is "would we be where we are now had we not done Plus Eight?" The answer is a resounding no. 

Plus Eight has enabled us to not only expedite our growth but the way we think about product development and our go to market strategy.

- Dave Newman, Founder and CEO @ Ovass
Plus Eight Accelerator Alumni